Tie Care

Everyday Tie Maintenance

When you are removing your tie you probably want to get your tie off as quickly as possible, taking a minute to remove your tie properly will prevent damage.

Be kind to your tie – take it off by simply following the tie- tying in reverses.

Another no-no is leaving the knots in your ties when not in use. This is a sure way to create permanent creases in your tie.

Storing Your Ties
Ties are an asset. Hang it up to let the creases fall out. Though rolling your ties and placing them in a drawer doesn’t necessarily damage them, in the long term, draping your ties on a tie rack or hanger will better retain its form and reduce wrinkling.

Cleaning Your Tie

Unlike regular clothing, it is best to only clean your ties when they are dirty rather than after each wear. All our ties are made of 100% Cotton. Cotton is very durable and dries quickly however, it also wrinkles easily and will shrink when introduced to heat, so be careful!

Washing instructions for Cotton Ties:

Washing: Hand Wash gently in Warm or Cold Water. Do not use Bleach.

Drying: Press out excess water. Do not wring or twist. Reshape and lay flat to dry.
Ironing: Steam or Iron on Warm.

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