About Us

NTFL started as we are two best mates who understand how to have fun and both have a desire to look and feel good. We like to stand out in the crowd. We both agreed we wanted to help all men feel confident in their clothes, especially at an occasion. We wanted to produce bold, unique and beautiful ties. We searched for fabrics that bring out the confidence in any man. We made samples and got great feedback so NFTL was born!

All our ties are hand made in Sydney Australia.

We have two ranges:

1. Our signature range: – Dare to be Different. – Bold and original. Each tie is completely unique.

No two ties are the same as they are individually cut from large patterned fabric. The pictures on the website are only a guide.

2. Our Basics range: – Back to Basics – When you want something more classic but still original and made from beautiful fabrics

The right tie for the right occasion is a statement of your personality.

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